Down Thrust Clamp


  • Rapid clamping & unclamping by hand and with positive down thrust by means of threaded spindle and with eccentric lever.
  • Easy and quick clamping of work piece by swivelling away the clamping pad.
  •  Occupies very little space due to its compact construction.
  •  Clamping height can be steplessly adjusted.
  •  To increase the clamping height, separate suppor t cy l inder or
  •  GDTC/HC- 70 are available.
  •  Spring is provided for quick release of clamping pad.
  • All matching cylindrical parts precisely ground.
  • Useful for mass production where clamping/declamping is to be done within a fraction of second.
  • Eccentric lever gives clamping stroke of 1.5 mm to clamping pad which results in downward thrust of 10 kN.


  •  Used as standard clamping element in the construction of fixtures. Also due to fast clamping & unclamping with positive downward force it is widely used on machine tool pallets, NC machine etc. with or without T-nut.
  •  On any T slotted table or with hole having M 12 threading on any machine.


  •  Made of Hardened Steel.


  • Blackodized.

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